Month and Year of Birth: Feb 2015 

In February 2017, Somesh, 2year old boy presented to NN. Evaluated by Dr. Roshmi and diagnosed the case as B/L retinoblastoma with group E in the right eye and group C in the left eye. Dr. Rosmi has advised for an MRI, chemotherapy, focal laser as further treatment. 

Father, Mr. Mahesh is working as a farm laborer at Belgaum Dist and Mother Mrs. Komal is a housewife. Parents were able to afford to pay the initial diagnosis like Evaluation under GA and MRI. Iksha Has been supporting his treatment thereafter. 



So far, he received 6 cycles of Chemotherapy. His right was enucleated after 2 cycles of chemo as it did not respond. He received Brachytherapy for his left eye and recovering well.