Month and Year of Birth: Feb 2015

In February 2017, Somesh, 2year old boy presented to NN. Evaluated by Dr. Roshmi and diagnosed the case as B/L retinoblastoma with group E in the right eye and group C in the left eye. Dr. Rosmi has advised for an MRI, chemotherapy, focal laser as further treatment.

Father, Mr. Mahesh is working as a farm laborer at Belgaum Dist and Mother Mrs. Komal is a housewife. Parents were able to afford to pay the initial diagnosis like Evaluation under GA and MRI. Iksha Has been supporting his treatment thereafter.



So far, he received 6 cycles of Chemotherapy. His right was enucleated after 2 cycles of chemo as it did not respond well for the treatment but Left responded well. He received 6th cycle of chemo in July which was the last cycle as per the plan.