Siddarth R

Month and Year of Birth:  March 2012

Siddarth was born 16th August 2010 in Bagalkot.

He was diagnosed with unilateral retinoblastoma in his left eye two months ago and after visiting several hospitals, they were finally brought to Narayana Nethralaya on 1st December 2014.

His affected eye was removed on 3rd December and the prognosis is that a recent MRI showed that cancer has not spread and we are hopeful that we would not have to do any chemotherapy for this young child.

His father, Ramanna is a weaver and his mother is a housewife but helps her husband with his work when she has the time. They have the Vajpai Arogya Raksha scheme as part of their medical insurance, but eye treatment doesn't fall under the gamut of this scheme and hence they have requested funding from Iksha.