Month and Year of Birth:  July 2016

Shesh is from Maharastra. Parents noticed a white reflex in his left eye when he was 4-year-old. They consulted a couple of doctors in Pune and Mumbai, but they were not sure about their diagnosis and treatment. They then went to a hospital in Jalna, where an MRI was done. He was diagnosed with Unilateral Retinoblastoma(left eye). Doctors gave 2 options. First option was to enucleate the eye immediately and the second option was to go Hyderabad for treatment. Parents wanted to save the child’s eye. They came to Hyderabad.  He has received 7 cycles of Chemotherapy and focal laser. Parents used all their savings and borrowed money for the treatment. Parents looked for help when they ran out of all resources. Now Iksha is funding the child’s treatment.Tumor shrunk in size but is still active. He is on monthly follow up now.