Sarthak Chormale

Sarthak Chormale is a 3 years 5 months old boy from Pune who is receiving treatment for RB at HVD. In May 2018, his parents noticed a white reflex in his right eye and consulted an eye specialist who suspected it as RB and referred them to HV Desai. MRI and scanning were done, and he was diagnosed with unilateral RB. The priority for the doctors is life, organ and then sight. They started off with 5 cycles of Chemotherapy to see if cancer can be neutralized. That being unsuccessful, they had to enucleate his right eye. He further received 2 cycles of Chemotherapy and had a hard time during the treatment as he had to go through some side effects and was admitted in hospital for longer durations. However, his condition is stable now and, is closely monitored once in 6 weeks.