Month and Year of Birth: December 2010

Nivedashree was referred to Narayana Netralaya on January 2016 and she was examined under pre-anesthesia and was diagnosed with an advanced stage of Retinoblastoma. Her Father Mr.Madesh is a mason with a construction agency in Bangalore and her mother Mrs. Kamachi is a house wife. Nivedashree also has a younger sister who is 3 years old and she was also screened of retinoblastoma and she is normal.

Nivedashree has completed her 6 rounds of chemo, 12 sessions of laser therapy, her last checkup shows regressed tumor activity and as she has an advanced stage of the tumor, Enucleation of an eye was considered as a possible action. Fortunately after her MRI and Examination under anesthesia Nivedashree’s tumor had regressed and the doctors are trying to save both the eyes as her vision is good. Nivedashree is currently undergoing Brachytherapy at Center for Sight, Hyderabad and her progress is being monitored.