Md Shakeeb

Month and year of birth: August 2011

Md Shakeeb, is an active and  bright school going kid. A white reflex was noticed by parents in his left eye when he was 1 year 6 months old. Due to bad advice, parents did not understood the seriousness of the problem till it became life threatening. He was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at the age of 3 and his left eye was enucleated after receiving 4 chemos. He received 4 more chemos and 31 fractions of radiation. He responded well to the treatment and recovered. Parents managed to pay for the treatment irrespective of all odds they had to go through. He is due to receive COP.


They approached Iksha for support as they could not afford treatment any more.Iksha is not only supporting his treatment but also supporting his education.