Manikya Shetty

Month and Year of Birth: December 2013

Manikya Shetty was born in December 2013 and was presented to us via Narayana Nethralaya early November 2014. The parents had consulted a hospital in Udupi, where they hail from and was he was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma and they were asked to go to Bangalore for treatment.

His parents are financially not well off, father Mr. Ashok Shetty is working as a sports instructor in confident group of companies, Kolar and his mother Mrs. Veena Shetty is a housewife.

The child initially required an MRI and examination under general anesthesia before deciding what treatment was to be given.

His left eye had to be enucleated and a false eye put in. He has had several rounds of Chemotherapy and is reacting well. The child would have to come in for routine checkups every 3 weeks for a few visits, before which we can take a call on how he is doing.


He has just started to walk and was busy exploring the halls of Narayana Nethralaya during his visit early Feb.