Krishna Baiju

Month and Year of Birth: August 2010

Her mother noticed a vision problem when she was 3-months old. On consultation of an ophthalmologist, MRI and Scanning were done, and she was diagnosed with bilateral Retinoblastoma. She received 6 cycles of Chemotherapy, laser treatment and was stable for 6 months. Unfortunately, the cancer resurfaced. She then received 3 more cycles of Chemotherapy, Laser treatment and five fractions of radiation and was Cancer free for 4 years before the tumor resurfaced once again. She further received 3 cycles of Chemo, and her right eye had to be enucleated in November 2018. a custom made prosthetic eye has been implanted in January 2019. She has limited vision in the left eye and is on a 3 months follow up to ensure that the Cancer does not resurface.

We applaud the fighting spirit of the family and wish her a speedy recovery.