Month and Year of Birth: Jan 2012

Johan was born on Jan 2, 2012. His mother is blind from birth and his father had retinoblastoma in both eyes and is also blind. Johan's sister Helen was also diagnosed and treated for retinoblastoma and is now at a foster home. Johan was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma and his right eye had been removed due to the advanced tumor on 21 May 2014 and need to undergo chemotherapy and laser therapy for the left eye. His father Mr. George is working for ideal foundation where he teaches music and is part of the rhythm group. His mother Mrs. Jayakodi used to work as a receptionist and ever since her husband had to undergo some more sessions of chemotherapy to take care of cancer, she has stayed at home and is a housewife. Johan is surprisingly energetic and bubble and has an infectious smile. Iksha foundation has agreed to support the treatment of Johan.