Fathima Sahla

Month and Year of Birth: July 2015

Fathima was 7 months old and was referred to Narayana Netralaya from Father Muller hospital in Mangalore. She hails from Karagod and has been diagnosed with bilateral Retinoblastoma. Her father Mr. Abdul Hammed has lost his vision two years ago, earlier he was working in a hotel and her mother Mrs. Ayesha is a housewife. They have no resources to treat Fathima and Iksha was approached seeking support.

Fathima had to undergo enucleation as the tumor is already highly spread. But after 2 cycles of chemo, her parents are not responding and have discontinued the treatment.


We have been trying to contact the parents to educate them on the importance of coming back for treatment and hope to be able to reach them soon.