Dharnesh Naik

Month and Year of Birth: July 2012 

Dharnesh is a two-year-old boy with a squint since the day he was born. His father did not notice a white reflex until later. Since the child has a family history of people with a squint, the parents ignored the early sign until the left eye was red and swollen a few months ago.

His father is a pharmacist at a large hospital and the child has started treatment with an EUA, scans and two cycles of chemo at the hospital he works at. They have spent most of their savings on this treatment and even sold their land for the treatment cost.

The family had a major health issue last year with the grandparent of the child being treated by us, and hence they were in dire need of funds and we stepped in to help. The child requires continued treatment, and possibly an enucleation for the left eye.